Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gloryhole: I was sucked by a stanger

Last time a went to a sex date in a stangers flat. The stanger had a flat in the city and in his flat he has a glaoryhole. So I went to his flat and stripped all my clothes, so i was totally nude. The stanger was at the other side of the gloryhole and observed me. I could not look at him, so I was totally exposed to him with my nude body. I like to present my nude body to stangers, to be the only one nude (OON) and i like such CMNM-Experience (clothed male nude male).
I play with my cock and mastubate until my cock was hard. The stanger watched me masturbating. I went to the gloryhole and put my erected cock through the hole. The stanger began to play with my dick. I had a stranger fondling my cock and balls. It felt good. Then he bagan to suck my cock. First soft, then harder. He play with my erection and brings me clothed to orgasm. He stimulated me until orgasm is almost inevitible and then stopped and or reduced stimulation to keep me on the brink of orgasm without allowing me to reach it. It was a form of Édging and Tease and Denial.
After a long time I finally cound jerk off.
Then I take my clothes on and leave the flat of the stanger. After some days he send me this photos.

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