Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fetish Photoshooting

Last time I was invited by two men for a photoshooting. I had to undress me in front of the two men und we play a little roleplay. One men sliped in the role of my master, the other men take a lot pics of the event. And it was a great event.

I was bounded on a Andrews cross, fixed in a venus trap, spanked and fucked in a sling.I was humiliated and forced by the two men.
For me, it was a very thrilling event and I hope it will be repeated soon.
Here are some photos of the BDMS-event.

CMNM: Andrews cross
The master bounded me at the Andrews cross ans spanked me.

fixed in a venus trap
I was fixed in a venus trap and the master examined my ass hole.

humiliated in the sling
In the sling, ready to be fucked

forced examination
I was huliated to the master.

forced milking
Finally I was melked.

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