Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blind Date with a Master

Last time I made a date with a stranger who I met in an internet chat. He gave me his address and I went to his flat.
He told me in the chat that he likes to dominate lascivious gays with CMNM fantasies like me.
After I was arrived at his flat, I had to undress me immediately. So I was completly nude in front of the clothed stranger. He bounded my hands at my back and masturbated my cock. So I stand nude with my stiffy.
After that he examined my butt and my anal orifice. He spanked me hard with his hands. He put a ponytail plug into my ass. I like how the butt plug can be inside of me and it is very disgraced to be nude with a ponytail plug in the ass in front of an clothed unknown man. At last he put a black mask other my face and milked me off.
Then I went home without knowing more off that master. This was a great CMNM blind date for me.

CMNM presenting cock

CMNM waiting for spanking

CMNM exhibitionism

ponytail plug in the ass

CMNM nude in front the master

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