Thursday, August 25, 2011

Presenting me Nude at the Attic

Some weeks ago I was invited to a photoshooting at an attic. An attic is a very exiting location for a fotoshooting due to the mystic light in such a place. As I am a exhibitionist and flasher it was a nude fotoshooting.
At the attic I had to slowly undress myself in front of the camera, posed nude in different bearings showing my bald dick and buttocks. After a lot of pictures were taken I had to masturbate myself, so the photografer could shoot some hot pictures from my stiffy.
So I was nude and the photografer was dressed. I was a very hot CMNM (clothed man nude man) situation. I like to present me nude in front of cothed and dressed men. I want to be the only one nude (OON). It is hot to be an embarressed nude man (ENM).
After a while the photografer was so araused that he jacked me off and began to play with my ass. He used an dildo penetrating my anus.
In the end I had to masturbate me again so I ejaculated in front of the camera.
Here are some pictures with some impressions of that nice and hot shooting.

shooting at the attic
slowly stripping nude
presenting my nude dick
my nude aroused stiffy masturbated by the photografer
the photografer penetrating my anus
a dildo in my anus
after all the arousal my dick squirted off

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